Article 2022 of the North American Free Trade Agreement establishes the Advisory Committee on Private Commercial Disputes, also known as the NAFTA 2022 Committee. The Committee reports and provides recommendations to the NAFTA Commission on the availability, use and effectiveness of arbitration and other procedures for resolving private international commercial disputes in the free trade area. The Commission has asked the Committee to:

  • identify sectors and types of businesses that would particularly benefit from the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR);
  • promote and facilitate the use of such procedures in the NAFTA region;
  • increase private sector awareness of their benefits;
  • identify opportunities for expanded cooperation between institutions with an interest or involvement in ADR in the NAFTA region; and
  • report and provide recommendations on issues relating to the enforcement of arbitration agreements and awards, and other litigation issues related to ADR.

Since established in 1994, the Committee has completed various outreach events within the NAFTA Region to complete these goals. To learn more about the Committee and its work, click on the following links: