Part IV: Independence and Impartiality of Members

A. A member shall be independent and impartial. A member shall act in a fair manner and shall avoid creating an appearance of impropriety or an apprehension of bias.

B. A member shall not be influenced by self-interest, outside pressure, political considerations, public clamour, loyalty to a Party or fear of criticism.

C. A member shall not, directly or indirectly, incur any obligation or accept any benefit that would in any way interfere, or appear to interfere, with the proper performance of the member's duties.

D. A member shall not use the member's position on the panel or committee to advance any personal or private interests. A member shall avoid actions that may create the impression that others are in a special position to influence the member. A member shall make every effort to prevent or discourage others from representing themselves as being in such a position.

E. A member shall not allow past or existing financial, business, professional, family or social relationships or responsibilities to influence the member's conduct or judgment.

F. A member shall avoid entering into any relationship, or acquiring any financial interest, that is likely to affect the member's impartiality or that might reasonably create an appearance of impropriety or an apprehension of bias.