Part III: The Performance of Duties by Candidates and Members

A. A candidate who accepts an appointment as a member shall be available to perform, and shall perform, a member's duties thoroughly and expeditiously throughout the course of the proceeding.

B. A member shall ensure that the Secretariat can, at all reasonable times, contact the member in order to conduct panel or committee business.

C. A member shall carry out all duties fairly and diligently.

D. A member shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 19 or 20 and the applicable rules.

E. A member shall not deny other members the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the proceeding.

F. A member shall consider only those issues raised in the proceeding and necessary to a decision and shall not delegate the duty to decide to any other person, except as provided in the applicable rules.

G. A member shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the member's assistant and staff comply with Parts I, II and VI of this Code of Conduct.

H. A member shall not engage in ex parte contacts concerning the proceeding.

I. A candidate or member shall not communicate matters concerning actual or potential violations of this Code of Conduct unless the communication is to the Secretariat or is necessary to ascertain whether that candidate or member has violated or may violate the Code.