Part V: Orders and Decisions (Rules 61-63)

61. All orders and decisions of a committee shall be made by a majority of the votes of all members of the committee.

62. (1) Where a Notice of Motion requesting dismissal of an extraordinary challenge proceeding is filed by a participant, the committee may issue an order dismissing the proceeding.

(2) Where the motion referred to in subrule (1) is consented to by all the participants and an affidavit to that effect is filed, or where all participants file Notices of Motion requesting dismissal, the extraordinary challenge proceeding is terminated.

63. (1) A final decision of a committee shall

(a) affirm the decision of the panel;

(b) vacate the decision of the panel; or

(c) remand the decision of the panel to the panel for action not inconsistent with the final decision of the committee.

(2) Every final decision of a committee shall be issued in writing with reasons, together with any dissenting or concurring opinions of the members of the committee.

(3) Subrule (2) shall not be construed as prohibiting the oral delivery of the decision of a committee.